Uniform Sarees

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Uniform Sarees

Be it a small catering service  enterprise  or a large  corporate  house,  uniform  dress code creates a disciplined work environment as well a brand identity for the enterprise. Vastram specialises in supplying customize uniform dress code for the workforce of your business with a special attention towards Saree & Salwar Kameez for female employees. It is always difficult to find Uniform Sarees and more to it, its very difficuly to customize the design as per the brand identity of your business. We provide a complete solution for all your Uniform Requirements. The idea here is to  not just provide a customize uniform solution to small or large business houses, but we are even focusing on what we called “Group Saree” or “Brides Maid Saree”. So even if you are looking for 5 to 10 identical sarees or salwar kameez for a group gathering or for Brides Maid occassion, we are  here to help you out. Just drop  us a line and we will  help you  out for Uniform Sarees.


We offer following Services:

  • Uniform Sarees for small & large business houses.
  • Uniform Sarees for large gathering or religious groups.
  • Group Saree or Bridesmaid Saree.
  • Customization of Uniform Saree as per your Business Identity
  • Customized Bridesmaid Sarees as per your Color Theme.

Apart from Sarees, we design Salwar Kameez, T-shirts and Male Uniforms too. So just contact us and give us a brief of your requirments and we will get in touch with you with an appropriate solution.

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