Vastram Showroom


Vastram has been customer oriented right from the beginning. Vastram has always taken great care to build excellent customer experience and ensures that it stays contemporary and fresh to its customers. The interiors are designed appropriately for various and different categories keeping it customer friendly.

At Vastram everything comes together in a harmony of colour, design and comfort from displays in show windows to array of fabrics in shades within shades, from welcoming ambience of tastefully appointed interiors to gleaming racks displaying row after row trendy ready to wear. Courteous, well-informed sales staff and meticulous tailors, who serve as fashion and trend advisors, make the customer confident and comfortable at Vastram.

Our customer walks into the shop confident of finding merchandise for all occasions, whether it is for office, party, travel or just casual weekend wear. We  offer complete wardrobe solutions to its customers with a fine range of fabric and ready to wear collection from leading brands.